FaLang translation system by Faboba

"F" - Farm in the City


Modern Singapore is a City state - a big gleaming concrete jungle. Farms and plantations are alien words to our children. "Orchard" is a road name, not a place to pick durians or pluck mangosteens.

Our little owlets are encouraged to understand and appreciate our food. Milk does not originate from paper cartons, chicken have feathers and fish are not square and sandwiched between 2 pieces of bread. We aim to create awareness on how our daily food is cultivated/farmed, letting children understand how precious our food sources are and let them understand and appreciate our daily sustenance.

Hands on sessions allow our children to “get their hands dirty” and be more in touch with our environment. They will understand the time and effort needed to cultivate our food sources. Children are also encouraged to visit places of agriculture to gain exposure and understanding of our food chain.


"A"- Articulate with Confidence


Articulate with Confidence. Children are naturally inquisitive. Project based learning allows them to collaborate with their peers as well as facilitators to explore, dwell deep into a topic and learn from their curiosity. It is a 2 way learning process where children ask a question and go about to explore and find the answer. Children are more engaged in school as they are encouraged to speak up and voice their opinion.

Children are exposed to the concept of brainstorming to find answers, where there is no right or wrong – only which is the more suitable solution, our experienced educators act as facilitators to guide the children. This exchange of ideas between young minds encourages children to speak their minds and builds their confidence in life. This has great advantage over the traditional spoon fed/rote learning approach where information flows one way only.

Primary schools in Singapore are increasingly utilizing this approach. Starting our owlets young on the project approach lets them learn the dynamics of a team based collaboration and develop social, cognitive, linguistic and emotional competencies gives children confidence to find their own answers.


"R"-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


There is only 1 Earth and 1 Singapore. Global warming, climate change are major concerns for everyone. Let our little eco warriors make the world a better place to live by practicing the 3R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Jolly Owl Schoolhouse aims to instil "Green" habits from a tender age.

Recycled materials are incorporated into arts and craft - encouraging children to creatively express themselves and be environmentally aware. This creative use of recycled material will aid our children on how to efficiently utilize the resources on hand. The importance of conserving energy and resource are also taught to children. Children and adults alike should work together to make our world a better and healthier place to live in.




W - Wise : knowlegeable and rational thinking

I - Independent : able to decide for themselves

D - Determined : focussed on completing tasks on hand

E - Enterprising : resourceful and creative solutions


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